Louis Wahlgren

Previously, Louis was the Treasurer for the team, learning the ins and outs of how the Business side is run. Now as President/Executive Officer, he has the knowledge he needs to oversee and organize the team to be as efficient as possible, and spread the word about our team through events and fundraisers! He has great ideas and goals for this upcoming season!

Technical OFFICER:

Clayton Archdale

In our previous season, Clayton served as a great resource for all things fabrication and assembly. With more knowledge than ever, he is now going to oversee that portion of the team as Vice-President/Technical Officer, and guide us to building our best car yet! As Clayton keeps up with our work, the team becomes more and more motivated!



Last year, Alex worked mainly with Tom on the Safety and Ergonomic portions of the car. He did this all while observing how the team worked, and collected some great thoughts on how he'd like to improve it. This year as Secretary, he's ready to implement his ideas and organize our team better than ever!


Alberto Aranda

After stepping down from President this year, Alberto understands exactly how our team works and has many wonderful ideas on how to improve this year. As Treasurer, he has the knowhow to be able to manage our finances efficiently, and communicate with sponsors new and old. We can't wait to see where we go!